Policies and Disclaimers


Customer Satisfaction Policy:

We will ALWAYS do what is necessary and reasonable for total customer satisfaction provided all issues are accurately reported to us within 30 days of service completion. We will not be held responsible for issues arising from neglect, improper use, and/or dishonesty.

Retainer Policy:

Sublime Motorworks requires 25% of the agreed upon service total to be paid up front by customers as a retainer to keep them on our schedule. The remaining 75% of the agreed upon service total will be billed at time of project completion. In the event a client cannot honor their appointment, the 25% retainer will be kept by Sublime Motorworks for loss of income and time wasted. If Sublime Motorworks cannot honor the appointment or deliver service as advertised, we will refund the 25% retainer to the customer.

​Service Duration:

Every service offered by Sublime Motorworks requires a certain amount of time to complete. We will do our best to complete each service in that time period; if the service requires more time Sublime Motorworks will promptly alert the customer of this need.

​Pre-Existing Damage Policy:

It is the obligation of the customer to disclose all damages present on the vehicle to Sublime Motorworks prior to scheduling service. These include paint failure, scratches, dents, cracks, or any other damages present on the vehicle. Sublime Motorworks assumes no form of responsibility or liability for conditions arising from these damages prior to or after service completion. Sublime Motorworks reserves the right to refuse service to any customer who has a vehicle with pre-existing damages on a degree that would present a hazard to the integrity of the vehicle’s paint, body, chassis, etc.

Sublime Motorworks is not responsible for any pre-existing damage it may find during the normal course of detailing the interior or exterior of any vehicle. It is difficult to find pre-existing damage during the initial inspection, especially if the vehicle is dirty and cluttered with debris or personal items left in the vehicle. Older vehicles usually have many interior and exterior components that have broken, worn out, faded, or become loose and cracked. If Sublime Motorworks should break, disconnect, or damage any component of a client’s vehicle, it will bring this to the owner’s attention before completing the final detail. Sublime Motorworks is not responsible for pre-existing damage of the vehicle’s wheel rims or wheel covers. Most wheel rims are under constant abuse from general road conditions, metal brake dust, and washing conditions. They commonly have multiple stains, dings, pits and scratches caused by normal driving conditions, metal brake dust, or other commercial car wash facilities. Sublime Motorworks is not responsible for pre-existing engine damage or engine malfunctions. Most engine components today are completely protected by manufacturer’s devices. Rarely does Sublime Motorworks see issues with an engine malfunction after the engine detail. If, however, Sublime Motorworks has promoted and sold an engine detail, Sublime Motorworks is fully insured and will cover all expenses to repair any damage caused only by Sublime Motorworks.

Service Refusal, Do Not Serve, and Fraud Policy:

Sublime Motorworks reserves the right to refuse service to any customer. Customers who abruptly cancel their appointments or maliciously slander and malign Sublime Motorworks will be placed on a “Do Not Serve” List permanently and will be blocked from phones, emails, and any digital venues under the control of Sublime Motorworks. Customers who knowingly and willingly attempt to defraud Sublime Motorworks will be reported to law enforcement and will be prosecuted to the fullest extents of Federal/ State Law.

Payment Policy:

Once Sublime Motorworks has completed the services requested by the customer, full payment is due immediately. Unless prior arrangements have been made in writing, it is the owner or owner’s representative’s responsibility to have payment ready as agreed upon in the initial invoice. Acceptable forms of payment include Cash, Check, Card, or Electronic Payment (for example PayPal, Venmo, etc). All checks returned for insufficient funds will be subject to a 25% penalty charge derived from and added to the original payment amount.

Vehicle Pickup and Key Return Policy:

Sublime Motorworks will return the vehicle’s keys ONLY to the owner or owner’s representative and no one else. It is the owner or owner’s representative’s responsibility to obtain the keys from Sublime Motorworks upon completion and final inspection of the detailed vehicle.

​Verification of Insurance and State License Policy:

Sublime Motorworks owns and operates its business as a certified, licensed, and insured business. All clients desiring physical verification of these statuses are welcomed to see these proofs without fear of resistance or harassment from the operation.