Paint Protection Film Vs. Ceramic Coating

Quality + Versatility is the name of the paint protection film game. Ceramic coating is for sure a standard… but Sublime Motorworks is aiming for the highest quality that standard can’t beat. We want you to drive out with your desired paint job, all while having protection against any rock chips, hard water spots, or scratches.


Protection Film Is Better

Protection Film is worth the price of high-quality preservation. Sadly some people learn this the hard way after the first time they drive into flying gravel and debris. This thermoplastic urethane will protect the look of the car for years to come.


Provides Long-Term Preservation

Self-healing properties to keep swirls away are the name of the game, and the game is for you to drive with ease. Our preservation methods have been able to maintain a high value for customers and their vehicles for years. Not only will our warranties cover you for years to come, but we will know the exact measures to cover your personalized vehicle and keep the great looks you want driving out.


Ceramic Coating Only Provides Day-To-Day Enhancement

Start shedding water and dirt from the get-go with ceramic coating. Nature’s best artillery of bug splats, bird droppings, and long-term UV rays can’t budge on this defensive behemoth. Take a look at our service packages today and start driving the look you want.


Provides More Safety

Our guarantee of very low failure rates after installations isn’t just talking from us. We believe in providing the best safety possible with our paint protection coating. Our A-team of certified installers and detailers is here to give you the best service possible.

Out of all available aftermarket products, paint protection coating is one of the best that works as advertised. We assure you that the investment in protection is worth the looks you want to maintain for your vehicle in the long run. Learn more today on our website.