4 Reasons Why Every Car Should Have A Paint Protection Coating

Scuffs and marks on your car can be brushed off or be one of the worst things to happen to your day. But giving your car a paint protection coating is the easiest way to not worry either way. With a plethora of custom options, Sublime Motorworks is here to help you roll out in stylized protection.

An orange Audi S5 parked by the ocean


Versatility is key. Our multiple package deals are designed to meet the exact needs of your car for a price you won’t regret many miles to come. Regardless of your option, our paint protection film will preserve the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of damage from a wide array of sources.

A low angle view of the front of a blue Audi


DIY car coating projects often turn into money vacuums. Especially when the vision and experience lack in achieving the final goal. Sublime Motoworks trims the fat and gets straight to the point for what your car needs, saving you money and time from what otherwise could have been a DIY disaster!

Front view of a yellow Mercedes

Better Protection

Safety and good looks are the combos we strive for. No matter the service you select, we will install our PPF with a sublime level 1 detail that achieves this combo from the get-go. Contact us today to set up a vehicle evaluation catered for you.

Closeup of a red sports car with polished red paint

Polished Look

Our detailers take pride in everything that drives into our shop. Quality over quantity is the name of our game, and we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers for getting a great look no matter what service is selected. You’ll be in awe to the point that it will be a second thought on the increased protection also added to your vehicle.

If you’re seeking the best treatment and looking for your car in Austin - Texas, contact us today!